NEW LOOK FINALLY!!! & aan news

YAY!!! my blog is finally pretty!!!
a huge thanks and hug to MARK for making this for me!
he put up with my stupidity and did everything
i have great friends
so its the exact same thing as my livejournal so you can either follow me here or there, whichever is more comfortable.
the posts will be the same!

so on to other stuff.
have you noticed the guys voice on the the intro for aan news?
(you know about it if you live in illinois and watch the korean chanel)
God its so monotone and annoying and nasaly
its hilarious ><

Back Already??

so i guess im moving back here cause there are people here that arent on lj
ill be active on livejournal too, the posts here and there will be the same :3
ill be more active here as well as soon as i finish with the new look!

NEW LOOK! & Ch-ch-ch-ch-CHERRY BOMB!!!

no picture today~
but thats alright cause my new layout makes up for it!!
eva put up with my failness and made it for me~~ <3
no more lame pink-way-too-girly shit!
its ganji now!!

so as i speak/type im watching this music thing
its like 윤도현's 러브레터 (yoon do hyun's love letter) and 이하나s (lee hana's) peppermint.
so 윤하 (younha) is a guest and shes talking to the host and apparantly he loves kara
욘하 has a present for him! guess what it is! none other than kara themselves!
and they perforn and he loves it and he cant stop blushing and acting like a crazy fanboy. eww
so after that 윤하 performs her 1, 2, 3 (which i find quite annoying) and cherry bomb.
i have to say her face has matured.
she sounds really good when she makes her voice all deepish and throaty


Need List

God i need money soooooo badly
there are just too many things i need to buy right now:

- my eye exam
- my circle lens
- my dress from forever21
- my extensions 6.28.09

i hate money



watched transformers: revenge of the fallen today!
it was fucking SUPERB!!!
i like the first one better though. there were just some things that were a bit eh
like you didnt see optimus prime a lot, it was mostly about the deceptacons
there were so many new autobots rushing at you in the beginning it was a bit confusing. plus you dont really get to learn their names
a deceptacon was able to go around in human form. wtf. totally random and not fair
optimus won the fight with megatron and the elder deceptacon (forgot his name) way too easily. it was so short D:
but nonetheless it was great!! super long but great! 2 and a half hours of great robot action, megan fox radiating hotness, and shia lebouf oozing cuteness.
to be honest i was never a fan of the cartoon when i was younger. i thought it was super boring and i hated the voices, but now its just LOVE
most definately need to get myself a transformers shirt.

to be honest i like the deceptacon emblem better >:)
must also get myself:

sigh.. aint he gorgeous?


I am now officially moved to:
Sad to leave this the day after I make it, but, oh well! XD


My Brand New-Not So Fantastic-Blog and Mozzie Bites!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to the opening of my first ever official blog! Applause!
How exciting!
Let me introduce myself:
This is me.
My name is Jin and I am 17 years old.
This isn't the most recent picture of me, but then it is. That totally didn't make sense...;;
It's from last year(?) and I don't look like that anymore. Shame

Well I just finished adjusting the layout and such. Hrm.. it's a bit off to the side..
I will have another layout made! Give me time! ><
Unfortunately, my blog won't be so interesting for awhile. I don't have a camera! D:
But I will eventually get it and much more interesting posts will be posted!
Just wait fellow readers!

Onto my first blog!:
I counted all the mosquito bites I got and they totalled to 112!!!
How did I get so many you ask?
From tying water balloons in my friend's backyard!
I've never gotten bitten by mozzies before and the first time I do, I get 112 of them!
I am officially traumitized.
There are 27 on my neck alone. -______-
It looks like herpes of the neck or something.
I went shopping the day after I got the bites and the cashiers kept staring while I looked down to find my money. The scarf I wore didn't help at all!
I did learn something from it though.
Advice to you readers!:
1. Drench a towel in scalding hot water. (Not hot enough to burn skin)
2. Apply the towel to your bites until the towel cools.
It will stop the itching for a couple hours and it feels quite good. Like a spa treatment!

Well that's all for now~!
Until next time!